Areas of Expertise

  • Condo walkways
  • Condo Balconies
  • Restorations
  • Community pool decks
  • Surface removal
  • Resurfacing acrylic cement
  • Rebar repair
  • Protective sealers
  • Waterproofing
  • Pavers
  • City parks & roads
  • Shopping plazas
  • Bank entrances

Modern Design Modern Design

Modern Design Modern Design

Perfect for your Commercial Project

Modern Design

Image might not be everything. But when it comes to the appearance of your business or condo or warehouse or shopping plaza it certainly means a lot.

Modern design concrete beautification systems can make a huge impression on your customers and residents and condo owners. Not only does it beautify, but it also protects the concrete surfaces .such in the case of condo walkways that have had glued down carpet on them for years. That have been absorbing rain water and moisture, that mildews, gets dirty and damages your concrete and rusts the rebar.

Condo Walkway & Balcony Repair

Modern design can remove the carpet and glue, pressure wash the surface clean and treat rusted rebar and apply migrating corrosion inhibitor. Then apply bonding agent and resurface with acrylic cement. Apply durable non-skid solvent based multi color acrylic waterproofing sealers. To prevent water absorption, and erosion of your concrete. It will resist oil, grease, dirt and mildew.

Community pool deck decks that have existing cracks we can install multi color thin pavers and seal them with a durable solvent base sealer.